2013: A Great Year for Cloud In The UK… Or Was It?

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As 2013 draws to a close, here’s the somewhat inevitable retrospective of the year in cloud. But there’s a twist! Because when we look back upon what went on with cloud in the UK over the last twelve months and ask: how well have UK businesses adopted cloud in 2013, the answer is…

A few really well, but most are still not building their knowledge and exploiting the benefits

All too many see it simply as a cheaper, virtualised infrastructure and don’t get the revolution that is upon them. They are simply not getting the significant benefits from utility consumption and on-demand immediate scaling. Start-ups and small businesses have been huge adopters of cloud and all its exciting and useful new technologies, but not always for the reasons that you might think. Let’s start by stating the obvious.

Cloud is a revolutionary catalyst. It’s not overstating it, it is as fundamental revolution as big as the World Wide Web or the invention of the mobile phone; and most UK companies haven’t got that. They think it’s a simple improvement upon or extension of traditional hosting technology; and therefore, they’re missing the huge benefits and significant payback that comes from adopting cloud to its fullest potential.

The problem is that there is a big knowledge gap in the UK about how to really use and exploit cloud. There just aren’t enough people who understand how to build good cloud applications and who understand how to implement a DevOps process. What’s holding us back in this, and most countries, is a fundamental lack of knowledge and understanding of how to make use of this remarkable revolutionary technology.

The solution? Rackspace and others in our sector must (and we are) drive to change this in 2014. Rackspace Academy, Rackspace University and all our webinars, classroom workshops and training days go a little way towards helping bridge the knowledge gap. We’re bringing RSAcademy to new cities like Edinburgh and Birmingham in the early part of 2014, and more workshops in London are kicking off the year. But the UK needs more! We need a rallying cry to all cloud solutions companies, schools, colleges and universities, to drive them to educate and spread the knowledge. It can’t be left to companies to educate employees; everyone is under too much pressure these days to simply allow people time to play. But playing and experimenting with technologies is where the real knowledge comes from.

So as 2013 ends, let’s make 2014 the year of cloud education. Leave us a comment if you know of any exceptional courses on offer at schools and universities and we will promote them! The future is looking very bright, even despite all the clouds on the horizon!

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