Startup Business Growth Accelerated by Cloud Adoption

Most companies retain a small on-premises IT presence even after cloud migration. So although the days of on-site IT infrastructure aren’t numbered (yet), for startups, the cloud facilitates business growth with limited funds in a way that is otherwise impossible. In a company’s startup phase, available...
Posted in Rackspace News on 01/05/2015 by Kam.

Cloud Computing Services: How to Extend Your Market Reach

Every company wants a bigger market share. Historically, upper limits on revenue were bounded by technology, since you can only sell as far as your message can reach. Telephones made it possible to go cross-city and cross-county, whereas the arrival of broadband Internet meant selling cross-country was a real...
Posted in In The Industry on 30/04/2015 by andy.

CIO Summit Europe: Shadow IT without the Shadows

At the recent CIO Summit Europe in London, I presented the white paper “How to Bring Shadow IT into the Light.” Over the course of two blog posts, I will first present the challenges presented by shadow IT, then next month, I will unveil the solutions available. Innovative Disruptive? While some regard...
Posted in Rackspace News on 28/04/2015 by Lindsay Cassidy.

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